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    Ningbo Tianling Electromechanical Co., Ltd. takes "precise production and innovation driven" as its business strategy, implements scientific and technological innovation projects, perfects scientific and technological innovation mechanisms, continuously improves the independent innovation capabilities of enterprises, and enhances their market competitiveness.

    First, establish an incentive mechanism for technological innovation. A scientific and technological innovation responsibility system has been formulated in which the "top leader" is in charge, the deputy in charge and the departments at all levels are responsible for the division of labor, and are jointly managed, and carry forward the enterprise spirit of "management innovation and green development". It also stipulates that in the development of new products, for the technical personnel involved in the research and development of new products, after the products are put into production in batches to achieve market transformation, they can accrue rewards based on the sales link. At the same time, the heads of various departments who have completed the company's annual economic and technical indicator plan will be rewarded with annual salary. The establishment of the scientific and technological innovation incentive mechanism has stimulated the enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel for innovation, and the company has quickly formed a cohesive intelligence and formed a good situation of joint efforts to grasp scientific and technological innovation.

    Since 2009, the company has invested a lot of money in batches to develop new molds, continuously introduce, update, and transform process equipment, and develop a full range of ultra-efficient and energy-saving motors. The company has advanced and complete micro-motors and precision timer manufacturing equipment, which have successfully introduced After the domestic first-class motor stator coil numerical control expansion machine and automatic insulation tape machine, the company's motor coil manufacturing technology is even more powerful.

    Secondly, establish an integrated operation mechanism of production, marketing and research. Established a market-oriented, marketing-centric, integrated production-sales-research operation mechanism with new product R&D as the guarantee, enhanced the applicability and pertinence of new product R&D projects, and realized the effective connection between new products and the market Industrialized operation of products. Compared with ordinary motors, the company's newly developed energy-saving and consumption-reducing shaded pole motor products have improved efficiency by more than 5%. Because this product is a high-tech and high value-added product, it adapts to market demand and is well received by users. As a leading company in the industry, we will, as always, persist in technological innovation, strengthen internal management, improve our core competitiveness, and provide customers with the best products and services. We are willing to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life, go hand in hand, and achieve win-win development!